Thursday, October 20, 2005

...and they actually attended!

The time has come for the Annals of Improbably Research to award their annual IG Nobel Prizes.

Here are the winners...including the researcher and author of the paper "Pressures Produced when Penguins Pooh--Calculations on Avian Defaecation" (I wish this were a joke...but 'scientists' receive grant money for stuff like this!)

There is really nothing more to say.



Anonymous said...

Absurd indeed! We should restrict government funding to worthy projects such as disproving this "evolution" garbage they all carp on about.

In fact, all so-called "scientists" should be sent for retraining in the true science of Creation.

Likewise this physics balderdash. The sparrow falls because it is Written that it shall fall, not because of some slap-happy "gravity" thing.

Personally, I welcome investment in almost any scientific endeavour, including penguin poop; the alternatives are too hideous to contemplate.

Lori said...

Good point...who is to choose what is a worthy topic of research?