Sunday, October 16, 2005

My last post, courtesy of The Dialiectizer: the Redneck 'dialect'. (You can choose to 'translate' a webpage into a number of dialects, including 'Elmer Fudd', Jive, or 'Moron'. Perpetuating stereotypes? No kidding. Absurd? Of course.)

"Bein' Weird Isn't 'Nuff"

When ah was in unyversity, ah wo'e this hyar button (o' at least th' vahshun fum th' late 80s):

An' fella, was ah proud of mahse'f! Fry mah hide! ah figgerd ah needed t'advahtise thet ah was diffrunt, odd, unusual, ah reckon...but, at th' same time, claimin' thet ah was mo'e than jest th' avahage early-20s iconoclast.

But I've discovahed thet th' lapel button is not necessary -- varmints will talk th' "ah's weirder/wonnerfuller/wo'thier than thou" talk wifout th' pin, as enny fool kin plainly see. It don't matter their shtick, they'll talk it.

They. Th' varmints whose cornvahsashun ah lissen t'fo' a bit, then git tired of. "Show me yer walkin' th' walk," ah's hankerin' t'say t'them, dawgone it.

Mebbe I'll change mah own ways befo'e someone says it t'me.


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