Friday, October 07, 2005

What does service mean to you?

I admit, I'm a service junkie. I'm the type that will embarrass friends and family with questions like: "Excuse me, are we in anybody's section?" If I have to tip in this country, then I expect a basic minimum of service...If I don't get it, I talk to the manager. If the service is decent, I leave an average tip. Good service gets a slightly better tip. Fabulous service in a restaurant or bar that I am likely to return to (more likely to happen of course, if I get great service) earns a bigger tip.

Birks is a jewelry store with a well-deserved reputation for brilliant service. Visit them for a browse and luxuriate in the balm that is TRUE meaning of service. I was there to price wedding rings, and Rachel (in the ring section) offered me a glass of water or a cup of coffee.

"Nice," I thought to myself, thinking of a Styrofoam cup of a Tim Horton's equivalent. "Oh, I would actually love a cup of coffee," I answered her.

"Regular, cappuccino, or a latte?" She laughed with me at my surprise...and went off to get me a cappuccino. She comes back with a lovely coffee cup and saucer -- no Styrofoam in sight.

I know how Holly Golightly felt about Tiffany's.


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Metro said...

She lies like a hairy egg! If she gets average service, she tips 15% or better!

I, on the other hand, figure average service deserves about 10%--and I'm always willing to lower it if offered the excuse.