Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Insane or Brilliant?

What do you think of this -- the Time Travel Fund?

Well....I'm more of a single-time-line kind of girl, you know, more of a 12 Monkeys view of time travel (where if you've gone to the past, then you were already there), than, say, the Time Cop style (where if you travel back, what you do affects the future, essentially creating branches of alternate futures).

So, if I'm right -- and I know I am! -- I know that I didn't invest any money in this time travel fund, as I would already have the money, and a note to myself to remember to invest at some point in the future (A method used to great advantage in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.)

Or, perhaps that is how they plan to make their profit? If I don't invest now, on the above reasoning, then the fact that I do invest sometime in the future means that they hold my money secretly until I actually make the investment...maybe they hope that people will forget to to do it?

Ah, paradox.


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Lori said...

I'd like to point out that I inadvertently published this in the future...it's really only Monday. An error, really. Just turns out to be rather...apt.