Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bilingual Jokes

A Japanese woman I've been working with has fabulous English. So good, in fact, that she's utterly comfortable making fun of her pronunciation.

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I said: "Bye, folks!"

Her response? "Bye, spoon!"

I giggled all the way home.



a gaijin in nihon said...

Because she must have thought "Bye Forks".
In Japanese R and L are read and pronounced the same.
I happened to live very funny experiences.
Once I was talking about the Light when the person i was talking to was responding about Right. It took me a while before getting her explanation as my mind was trying to figure out why the hell is she speaking about the right? what does that got to do with my question...
the funniest is when you talk about travel and as they pronounce v as b, you hear trouble.
well, you can try to cross and pronounce words with r, l and v with r and b . :)

Have fun.

Greetings to your Japanese friend, she must be very friendly.

a h m a d said...

lol... smart one :)

Lori said...

Not many people can laugh at themselves -- and a true sign of control of a new language is to be able to crack jokes...

Twelve years teaching English, and the most common first joke I ever heard from students was the "Me too." "Me three!" gag.

Tarek said...

seems that she was hungry or something