Saturday, July 22, 2006

In the news...

Nag has a great post here -- a very visual representation of the 'sides' in this cruel and disgusting undeclared war on the Lebanese people, from the Independent.

I went, trying to find the original, and found a font of other interesting articles instead. Including this one, with some great quotes from some influential people in England:

Alexei Sayle, WRITER

Anyone can see that what Israel is doing is unacceptable, violent, cruel, evil and wicked. If Israel is behaving in the manner of a psychotic bullying child, then Britain and the US are like its mad tattooed parents.


By wilfully turning a blind eye to Israel's indiscriminate killing of women and children and the destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure, we have further tarnished how our country is viewed in the eyes of the Muslim world. There can be no doubt that Israel's actions constitute war crimes.


It is absolutely shameful that our Government is standing by while collective punishment and war crimes are meted out on the people of Lebanon. Let us be clear: if America and Britain had not given Israel the green light to do this, then it would
not be happening. It is beyond horrific.

Here's hoping someone, with some influence where it matters, can use it to stop Israel.



raincoaster said...

Unfortunately, with a lame duck president, you can't pressure him. He has nothing to lose or gain.

Harper is a lame duck, too, just waiting for the Liberals to choose a leader who will then knock him off his perch.

I find it interesting what Blair said, that Condi has to actually accomplish something, whereas he or Bush could go and "just talk." Condi's got a lot of responsibility, but I don't see that she has a vested interest in peace, unfortunately.

Lori said...

But what on earth is she supposed to accomplish?!? She can't do anything other than spout the Bush-handlers' policy...which is 'support the Isrealis because they buy lots from us'...and 'maybe get them to uh, slow down a little.'

The USA has lost so much of its credibility in the eyes of the world under this criminal of a president...I wonder which country is going to rise up in its place?

raincoaster said...

I think "none of the above" would be the best choice. Blind worship of any credo or country is nothing other than madness. I hope the coming age will be collaborative.

What is Condi supposed to do? She's supposed to come in, ask the Israelis what they want to do, announce that the US has decided that the Israelis should do whatever it was they told her, and then take credit for it. If it all goes bad, she is to blame it on terrorists.