Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to definitions...

What makes a good neighbour?

For us, in our new house, it means people who greet you enthusiastically when they see you. People who lend you their lawnmower. People who come over for a glass of wine and a chat.

And people who clip your picture out of the paper and save it for you.

Yup. I was in the paper again. Third time in 5 months. This time, at a networking event.

Small towns. Definitely cuts down on the number of people you can, well, cut down. It's decidedly bad form to lose your temper, or bad-mouth anyone in a small city (about 30,000 people in the area).

Like ignorant anonymous commentors...ya just gotta grin and ignore it.

Tell me your stories of neighbours, small town, or small press fame!



Norlinda said...

My neighbour shovels the driveway of our elderly neighbour every time it snows. He also exchanges corny jokes with my dad over the fence and gives us any excess vegetables he grows.

Lori said...

He sounds great! Lucky you. (well, maybe you could do without the corny jokes?!?)

PJ said...

Our elderly neighbour got a snow-blower last year, and a few times he cleared the snow from our sidewalk and driveway too, just because he was having so much fun with his new toy.

Lori said... and their new toys. Our neighbour just got a hedge trimmer, and I think he was disappointed that ours had already been done. Actually, that was another story -- the neighbour behind us, who we have yet to meet, had her hedge trimmed, and because it backs on to us, she had our side done too...very discreetly. Quite a pleasant surprise.