Thursday, September 14, 2006

There's nothing like a British comedy!

Brought to my attention by my friend (who does not blog nearly often enough for the world to get a decent taste of her writing talents), 30-something media addict, is this trailer for a new Brit Com, Driving Lessons. Starring no less than Rupert Grint, still cast as somewhat of a sidekick, but more the star of the show.

30-something was right -- it looks like an English Driving Miss Daisy, but mixed with a heavy dose of Harold and Maude...mop-haired shy boy and outlandish (much) older woman. But the romance comes from somewhere else this time...

And one of my favourite under-appreciated actors is in it, Laura Linney. Hmm. Her filmography lists 8 projects for 2006 & 2007 (3 in post-production, 1 still in pre-production), so maybe she's no longer under-appreciated!



Anonymous said...

Response to your post from Cold Desert. Wanted to make sure you read it.

From another anonymous...

Uhh..we're all alike. Trust me. Not all Muslims are bad. In fact, most of them are downright wonderful to be around.

Problem is...the radical wing of this religion is being taught IN MASS to millions of people in the MIDDLE EAST, while all the happy, peaceful Muslims stand by and watch their faith tainted and destroyed without any sort of effort to fix it.

"Ohhhh, those Muslims aren't part of us.." You guys always say that, but never have the balls to stand up for something you believe in, or take back something that has been stolen from you.

Us folks from the good ole US of A don't play that shit! Mess with us...well... pay the consequences and deal with it. Whine all you want. Hate our president. But the FACTS are that we're not going away. We will continue to support Israel. We will continue to erradicate terrorists wherever they are. We will continue to interrogate them anyway we see fit. And we will continue to NOT apologize for it. You're being lied too. MOST AMERICANS FEEL THIS WAY. Polls you say? Remember - Most folks supporting our efforts NEVER take polls. We simply hang up.

So...grow a spine, wake up, take your religion back, take your country back from the terrorists (please - our troops need a break) and stop depending on the USA to be the only country with the stamina and wherewithall to solve the world's problems.

Arrogant you say!?

You're damn right.

We've earned it.

7:23 AM

raincoaster said...

She's about as Muslim as she is Martian, O Clueless One.

Ready, Fire, Aim...are you Dan Quayle perchance?

Anonymous said...

Raincoaster -

You're way behind in the conversation. She posted over at Cold Desert. I made sure she saw my response. But thanks for your unsolicitied ignorant reply. Business as usual.

Lori said...

Well, 'mouse, I was going to say pretty much the same thing as Raincoaster. Oviously you don't actually read...uh, my blog.

Anonymous said...

then stop posting about Muslim issues if you're going to continue to distance yourself from your posts on others blogs.

Metro said...

I hope this isn't the same anonymouse who made such an effort at change on my blog. I was looking forward to some sort of rational if tense discourse.

Lori hasn't "distanced" herself from that post. Her blog generally doesn't cover politics (but you know this--'cos you read it, right?).

The place to discuss that comment was in the context where it was posted. Lori reads that blog regularly, and probably would have noticed it.

As I did.

My response is posted in the original context, where you may read it if you wish.

You know--I actually felt you raised one especially good point. But it got lost in the rest of the vebiage.

raincoaster said...

It's hard to lend credence to someone who claims his/her people have earned the right to arrogance through superiority when that person's claim is so incredibly off-base and inferior. It colours the whole thing. This nony is obviously neither a skillful reader nor a critical thinker, although it IS a publicity whore; it's not as if Lori doesn't read Cold Desert and wouldn't have seen the message there. 'Tis on the blogroll!