Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Management Microcosm

In an hour, I'm off to my silly minimum-wage job. I would enjoy it a bit more if it weren't for some of the managers...exhibiting the full range of faulty management 'styles':

Everyone's Friend
Tries hard to bond with all the staff on a buddy-buddy level. After hours, once the doors close, she's hip because she puts pounding rap on the speakers while people run through their closing routines. Is rather lackadaisical in her management duties. Can't actually discipline (or manage) because she has no respect from the staff.

Drama Queen
Reads her management handbook, but only comprehends 'be a bitch'. The kind of person who upbraids staff, about anything, with an ever-present surly 'I'm the boss' attitude. I have to bite my tongue in her presence, or I'll be muttering "pot calling kettle black" or "more flies with honey, Honey" all the time.

Mr. Aloof
Thinks management is above it all. Or maybe he's just distracted. The kind of manager you really don't want, because when a manager is actually needed, he's no where to be found. A manner that makes you wonder if he even knows your name or not.

The GM and the other manager at the store are brilliant. They've got the balance of friendly, down-to-earth respect for self & staff that is crucial to good management.

So, the gamble of the shift -- will it be boring or boring and annoying -- depends on this 3:2 gamble of who's going to be the 'manager on duty' for the time I'm there.

Wish me luck.

I swear, this is my last week at this tedious job. But I'm a sucker for the GM and this other manager, and want to be able to fill a shift for them, 'cause, like every other service industry business, they are short-staffed.



Lori said...

Damn! Had all three today. Although Drama Queen was in a great mood, so no drama.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you try speaking your mind and see how long it takes to either get promoted or fired.
Double dog dare ya.


Lori said...

Oh, life in a small town just ain't worth it. I'm giving my notice this week, work another couple o' shifts the next two weeks. I still gotta shop at this store, see these people around town...

So, I'm ignoring the dare...