Saturday, September 30, 2006

Attractiveness Scale

Found this this morning, at (a 'lifestyle blogzine')-- very cool.Not sure the source on this. Did buddy at find it or create it? Anyway, check out this blogzine, the post today is one of my favourite sites, so I know he/she/it has good taste (can't seem to find any 'about me' page!).

What do you folks think of the chart? Accurate or not?

I think it clarifies a few awkward moments in my...uh...history.



Anonymous said...

Dare I ask what "F-Buddy" is suppose to represent?


Lori said...

uh...yeah, the 'f' is well, what you think it is. And it's a relationship fraught with perils (just watch Sex in the City) -- as it's hard to have periodic sex with someone without a more serious relationship.

Or so I'm told.


raincoaster said...

Actually, it looks a lot like what we use when we do speed dating events. Pretty accurate!

Lori said...

and the 'null set' is the perfect wo/man...does not exist.

yup, pretty accurate.

except, it doesn't bring in the whole weird chemical thing. I've been wildly attracted to people I've just met who were not attractive in any conventional way.