Sunday, October 15, 2006

Great car chase scenes

I like a good car chase -- in movies only please.

Last night, Metro and I watched Ronin again, a very good movie, with probably the best car chase scene in movie history. Watch it on YouTube to refresh your memory, or to appreciate it for the first time:

Watch for my favourite details: the way the various people put their seatbelts on...the sweat, the fear, the exhaustion...

If you type "best car chase scene" into Google, you get a bunch of people who vote for the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt. Hmm...muscle cars, serious damn cornering, and some real stomach-heaving in-the-car perspective going down the San Francisco hills. Here it is:


If you're not into violence, there's always the wonderful Yugo car chase near the end of Drowning Mona. Or there's always Kyle and Cartman's Big Wheel chase in the episode "Cartoon Wars Part 1" from Season 10 (which you can find here, with all of the other episodes).

What's your favourite car chase?



raincoaster said...


No question.

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed "The Road Warrior" chase scenes. My favorite bit is the cobbled together look of the vehicles.


Lori said...

But what makes a good car chase scene for you folks? Variety? Innovation? Damage? Coolness of cars?

raincoaster said...

Creativity, same as in a Jackie Chan fight scene where he wipes out a bunch of gangsters using a mop, three gingerbread cookies, a dachsund and a ballerina.

And on that score I must also give a nod to Road Warrior, although my favorite part is where the barbarian tries to catch the kid's boomerang.

Norlinda said...

First time watching the Ronin car chase. HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT!!! I mean, with the Matrix car/motorcycle chases, they constructed a highway to film the sequence and relied on some special effects. Loved the near-misses.
My fave car chase has got to be Matt Damon in a Mini going through Paris--somehow the capital of car chase scenes.

Frontier Editor said...

I still vote for the freeway chase in "To Live and Die in LA." Vastly underappreciated.

Lori said...

Now I have to add movies to my 'to watch' list...I really do enjoy a good car chase! Malcolm I've never seen, I watched Road Warrior years and years ago, don't really remember it (go back to whats-his-name before his hyped-up Christian jew-hating sexist religious-snuff film-making days)...And I'm sure I've seen To Live and Die in LA...haven't I???

Stelle said...
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Stelle said...

“I like a good car chase -- in movies only please.” - Hahaha! I can only imagine your surprise if these scenes happened in real life! Just kidding! But yes, a good car chase is one of the scenes that I look forward to when I'm watching a movie. The thrill of fast cars rolling on the streets is enough to bring you to the edge of your seat. It's been years since your post, I presume that there have been changes with this list. Keep us posted with your latest list update!