Monday, October 16, 2006

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Nothing could be more absurd than this. Dibs!!

Scarlett Johansen is putting out an album of Tom Waits covers.


We know she can act. Yes. True. But can she sing??

I do believe that only a woman can do justice to a Tom Waits song...there's not temptation to try to actually sing like Tom. This amazing woman does a wonderful job with it (sorry, her Tom Waits tune is only live at this point...)

Wait and see, I guess.



raincoaster said...

Nothing more absurd? Did you see the Japanese poodle workout video?

Ute Lemper does very well with Tom Waits songs, but anyone less could easily be destroyed by them.

Lori said...


But the workout video is too...twee to be absurd. The 'ooh look at how silly I'm being' aspect to that video is just annoying.

raincoaster said...

But the Japanese are just plain batshit crazy, no? I don't think she's that self-aware.

Lori said...

I've met a lot of Japanese people, and no, they are no more 'batshit crazy' than you and I. They have a wackier sense of funny (have you ever seen an episode of Banzai? That's wacky, hysterical stuff, with a true appreciation for the absolutely, wonderfully absurd (Squirrel Fishing, and Mr. Shake Hands Man. This woman is