Sunday, October 01, 2006

How did no one notice?

From the Independent Online:
Two Catholic priests in Florida stand accused of embezzling $8.6m (£4.6m) from their parishioners over a 42-year period and spending the money on holiday houses, luxury travel, gambling in Las Vegas casinos and secret girlfriends.
Laundering money from the collection plates...$8.6 million!?! That's over $204,761 a year for the 42-year peoriod. Let's examine this. So, that would be $3937.69 per week of worship. Almost $4,000 a week for 42 years.

Hmm. No chance here that it started as a small peccadillo and morphed into something huge. It was just huge.

And no one noticed?



Lydia said...

SMALL PECCADILLO = Venial sin; SOMETHING HUGE = Mortal sin and don't think they haven't preached the difference between the two. Probably gave themselves one Hail Mary per theft!

a h m a d said...

I should have become a cleric. Too late now for a change in major.

raincoaster said...

Nah, didn't L. Ron Hubbard wait till he was in his thirties to start his religion? Lots of time still!

Lori said...

Ain't religion supposed to be about Faith, not filthy lucre!?!