Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Well, we got home in good time from our roadtrip. We saw some beautiful country -- the Grand Coulee Dam, the Columbia River Gorge...gorgeous. [And how many people have contemplated the connection between the noun 'gorge' (or the verb!), and the adjective 'gorgeous'? Here's a pleasant little bit of etymology to satisfy your curiosity.]

One picture from somewhere along the road:
So, home again. And yesterday, while I was having a bit of tea with my cat-sitter and friend, Creatrix, who'd had her own trying weekend (read about it here), Metro suddenly yells: "There's a bear!"

And so there was...sauntering around the neighbourhood, or in this case, across the street from us:
Neighbours taking pictures, the local authorities not wanting to do anything, the bear a little nervous...

That's enough to wake you up.



raincoaster said...

Welcome back to Canada. It isn't a bald eagle, but it's the best we could do on short notice.

Lori said...

Thanks, RC. Sort of a cute one too -- young and a beautiful healthy coat!

raincoaster said...

I sent the link to a friend of mine who's part of some kind of Bear Watch society, so if you get an email, subject line "Bear Facts" don't delete it automatically. He may just be looking for more info.