Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trading favours, and Horses

I'm actively trading favours with a colleague of mine here. I've volunteered Metro and I to drive slightly inebriated patrons of her wine festival events home, and she has introduced me to a business man who now seems to be a patron/client of mine.

She also did me a fabulous favour today...we were coming from a workshop we'd both attended on Marketing on the Cheap (essentially), and I was ranting about how I needed a...gimmick, a thang, to be able to refer to myself as.

"I'm more than just an event coordinator! I'm doing marketing for buddy there! And I'm going to be doing some writing..." I ranted.

She encouraged me with a friendly: "Hmm...."

"It's like I'm the project lady," I went on.

She just looked at me with a tilt of her head, a little knowing grin that went all the way to her eyes.

Oh. I thought. The Project Lady. It's not an elegant business name, but it's a place to start. For now, it's a great mental...harness for what I seem to be positioning myself as.

So, folks, help me out. What should I call myself?

And while you're contemplating that, I'll go back to the harnesses -- or lack thereof. Last night, while driving these tipsy wine festival people home, I (safely) drove past a little herd of deer on the side of the road, nibbling grass and drinking from the lake.


Back on the highway, now with Metro in the car with me, we were buzzing into town at 11 p.m., and I suddenly found myself slamming on the brakes in a herd of wild horses.

I kid you not. At least 6 of them.

Amid the smell of burning rubber, I slowly drove on, turned around, and parked on the other side of the road, all lights ablazin', to try to warn anyone else coming along. Metro jumped on the phone to call the various authorities.

Turns out, no one does nothin'...except maybe call the local band office.

Horses. And bears. And deer. And racoons. And beavers. And...?



raincoaster said...

Um, why did you call the cops? Wild horses aren't illegal in Canada.

But The Project Lady works for me. See if you can pick up (or you can borrow mine) a copy of Free Agent Nation by Dan Pink; it's sort of the handbook to the kind of thing you're doing and it's really well-written. I know the author and he's a cool guy. You'll like him.

Lori said...

A herd of maybe a dozen horses in the dark in the middle of a highway coming into a small city where people are driving at 80 kph at 11 p.m. is a safety hazard...thought we'd try to reduce the risk of anyone getting into an accident...

...and we're new enough to town that we didn't know that these are wild horses that no-one actually does anything about.

raincoaster said...

A dozen? Given the current estimates of only 300 wild horses in BC, I wouldn't call the police, I'd call National Geographic. They'll have a photographer there in no time.

Metro said...

I don't know why anyone's talking about wild horses. As far as I know they wandered off the Res.

No-one I talked to said anything about wild horses. On the other hand, no-one seemed eager to do bugger-all about it.

It's dangerous to the horses and to the motorists. So I called the usual animal agencies which (would you believe it) are closed at 11:00 on a Wednesday night.

So the cops were the only alternative.

I wish I had a better choice. On Wednesday the cops apparently shot the bear whose picture you saw in the previous post.

But I bet they wouldn't shoot the horses, no.

PJ said...

No, Metro, they wouldn't... this past spring, people were writing letters to the papers complaining about those horses trampling their gardens and scaring their kids up on the west bench. The only answer was, they belong to the natives who let them run wild, and the police have no jurisdiction over the natives. It's seen as one of those quirky, quaint, charming things about this town, even though it makes for a major hazard on the highway.

raincoaster said...

As I said on my blog, check for brands; no brands, then they're mavericks and you can round them up. Moving into an area that has loose horses is certainly going to up the likelihood of encounters with said horses.