Sunday, November 05, 2006

My cat fetches

Yes, my marmalade tabby has us nicely trained to throw a jingly plastic ball, on command.

But unlike a dog, he is not actually playing with us. He merely uses us to further his play.

And, of course, he doesn't actually appear to want us to throw it. He drops it (it's a round plastic cage thing that he can carry in his teeth) in our general vicinity, and sits down Yeah, that's it.

He'll do that 5 or 6 times in a row, as I'm sitting at my desk.

Metro discovered that he had been trained as well, this week while I was away.

Good boy!


raincoaster said...

You need to throw it farther. Then he'll get tired and only do it two or three times.

But if I may say so it was always clear who wore the pants in that household.

The Nag said...
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Metro said...

Throwing it farther doesn't work. The house is only so long. And once it's out the window he loses interest.

By the way--I haven't "been trained". In stalking any animal it is necessary to gain their confidence.

Not that I have anything planned right now; But it could be a long cold winter, and I just want to keep my options open.

The black cat is falling for it too.

Sonia said...

So how was the job interview?

PJ said...

My beloved cat Sheba (decades ago) taught me to throw keys for her to retrieve. Anything metallic and jingly. She even retrieved a wire hanger with a couple of safety pins on it that I threw across the room. She's the only cat, until yours, that I've known to do that.

Lori said...

I once had a cat, Clarence, who would chase one of those flinging helicopter toys (the little cheap plastic ones on a stick, flies when you pull the string?) down the stairs, and immediately bring it back up to me. I would just sit quietly at the top of the stairs, pull the string, off he would go again...

Maybe it's me.

And Sonia, thanks for asking about the job interview. This is the government -- essentially, if I don't hear from them in the next couple of weeks, that means I did well in the interview, and they like what my referees say about me...and I'm in the pool of possible hires, should anything come up.

Gads. Organized, but vague.

raincoaster said...

And glacial. Don't hold your breath waiting to hear back from them, even if you GET the job. Although I hope you do.