Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Specials Gone Wrong

I can barely stop laughing (terribly black laughter, actually), thanks to this list of the 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of all Time, via the (usually touching, not touched) online Advent Calendar. A sample for your...uh...amusement:

A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg (1986)

Faced with Canadian content requirements but no new programming, the Canadian Broadcasting Company turned to Canadian director David Cronenberg, hot off his success with Scanners and The Fly, to fill the seasonal gap. In this 90-minute event, Santa (Michael Ironside) makes an emergency landing in the Northwest Territories, where he is exposed to a previously unknown virus after being attacked by a violent moose. The virus causes Santa to develop both a large, tooth-bearing orifice in his belly and a lustful hunger for human flesh, which he sates by graphically devouring Canadian celebrities Bryan Adams, Dan Ackroyd and Gordie Howe on national television. Music by Neil Young.

[why is this so funny? Gads. I can barely type. What was Metro's acronym? That's right, HWSOLTLYPAUTDBAFAA.]



raincoaster said...

I have GOT to find that on tape or YouTube somewhere. All it needs is the cast of the Royal Canadian Air Farce playing the local Mounties to be complete.

Lori said...

Unfortunately, I don't think it's real. If you read the whole column, it's all a bit too, black comedy.

too bad. 'cause I'd like to see that one too!

raincoaster said...

It's not, but that's not to say someone hasn't done a mashup, although if they have, I cannot find it.

The Ayn Rand Christmas special is priceless!