Friday, January 26, 2007

Some thoughts on habits...

The Nag posted a few days ago about Blue Monday -- the day 'experts' have decided is the most depressing day of the year, because you've realized you're utterly in the hole financially, and you're nowhere near to living up to any of your resolutions.

Metro posted yesterday about trying to be a bit more succinct, and blogging less.

And Healthbolt (a pretty nifty blog on health tips and body tidbits, compiled by a guy named Wade) posted today about simple, no-equipment, workouts. Wade makes a very important point:
Trying to start one habit is tough enough without adding other habits.
'Tis true. "I resolve to get up an hour earlier each day to work out." That's 2 resolutions. Waking up early is a whole other habit, and you want to add working out to it? Two chances for failure. He then links to this interesting little site called Habiq -- a site devoted a very worthy goal:
Habiq helps you improve your habits and make your days more productive and pleasant.
That said, I must admit I like my only resolution this year -- "I will stop caring about what the slut starlets are up to." Easy. Just stop reading the gossip blogs, and headlines on gossip rags in the checkout line. [I knew my limitations for real change.]



PJ said...

Okay, stop reading the gossip rags in the checkout; but never give up the Weekly World News. Who can resist a newspaper with headlines like:

Jesus Now Appearing Exclusively in Whole-Wheat Tortillas!

Satanic Bathmat Conjuring Demons in Bathrooms Across America!

Zambonis Deployed to Dwindling Ice Caps!

Gal's Breast Implants Explode While Skydiving!

Woman Goes to Heaven, Comes Back With Handful of Gold!

Lori said...

Hippo crushes circus dwarf.

Hitler returns from the dead, saying "I should have been a cartoonist."

Don't worry, the WWN is not a gossip rag. 'Tis one of the funniest things out there. I'm still reading that one.