Saturday, January 20, 2007

What everyone needs...

Found a company a little while ago that sells only 1 item -- the Weasel Ball.

Bragging Rights
All your life you have wanted to order something from a website called That day has arrived. If you order more than one, you can tell everybody you know that you "bought some weasel balls off of the internet." The story alone is worth the purchase price several times over. If you so desire, we will write, at no cost to you "CAUTION: WEASEL BALLS INSIDE" on the outside of the box. We are completely 100% serious. Your mail carrier will think you are so awesome. If you desire to be less awesome, we can mask the fact that you just ordered something from a website called We will work with you to fulfill your Weasel Ball needs.
They are serious. They will sell you a weasel ball, as many as you like, actually.

I'm not going to comment on weasel balls being a great cat toy...'cause I promised to hold back on writing about cats.


1 comment:

azahar said...

I think I seriously need these. For therapeutic reasons, of course.