Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Woman goes to hospital for baby, comes back...altered

Woman becomes quadruple amputee after giving birth.

There's just not much I can say about this.

Maybe you can say it for me, in the comments.



Sonia said...

Nuts! Only in America!

azahar said...

Holy Fuck!

The fact that the hospital says the woman will have to sue them in order to find out any information speaks bucket-loads, doesn't it?

Last operation I had I was required to sign all sorts of forms ... and needing to have your limbs chopped off is not the same sort of 'emergency' op that might occur, that might preclude having consent forms signed.

Sounds like they mixed up the patient files and now don't want to admit they operated on the wrong person. Wouldn't be the first time.

Lori said...

No kidding. You go to a hospital in NA, you've got to sign in triplicate if they give you any kind of treatment. The oh-we-don't-need-permission attitude to chop off limbs is a mite scary.