Friday, February 09, 2007

A week hiatus...

It's been a busy week.

What else would a bunch of women do on a full moon? Dance nekkid in the yard?
First of all, I aged. Gracefully. Thank you to those who left me messages of goodwill, those who thought them, and those who ignored it and just had a good Friday night. My gaggle of local female friends are now eager to start meeting every month to, well, drink wine and laugh. I'd say it was a successful party.

I then went off to the Lower Mainland for some errands and friends. This time, my normal feelings of great, undefined potential while driving across the Port Mann bridge did not well up. Instead, I was hit with a feeling of dread -- of traffic, of expectation...of hangover. Ah well.

Oh, I had a good time, but I felt pressed for time, unplanned, and totally unimpressed with the traffic.

Anyway, I'm back. And I won't be traveling the Hope-Princeton Hwy at night again anytime soon. Gads.


archie said...

Whew, I was beginning to think that the world had gone sane and you had run out of stuff to say. Now I know you are pracising Granny Weatherwaxing the world is returning to normal.

mad said...

As C. Bukowski might have said, Where are the pictures?

Creatrix said...

That is a *great* link! That Hope-Princeton tour, and the other highway tours in BC. I can use those to explain to my American online friends what a drive to Vancouver is like. Glad you're back safe 'n sound.

Lori said...

Thanks all, for your concern. In Archie's case, the concern is a little warped...I mean, don't you want the world to become less absurd?!?


Mad, I didn't take pictures. Oh, I lie. A picture was taken with me and my friend who sort of shares my birthday -- another friend made us a delish belated birthday lunch, complete with cake and candles. Hence the picture. Also, hence the late start for me, and the stress on the road.

Creatrix -- ya should'a come with me. I would have had more fun while stuck in Vancouver traffic.

michaelpanda said...

awww! was it your b-day!? Happy birthday!

raincoaster said...

Glad you made it back safe. Next time, give me more warning and I can accompany and annoy you all the way home. My mother was narcoleptic and it was my job to keep her awake while she was driving, so I'm very good at ensuring people are alert.

Steve Podborski once said the scariest thing about downhill racing was the drive from Whistler to Vancouver.

Lori said...

Don't worry, RC, next time I'll plan further ahead.


Metro said...

Your mother wasn't narcoleptic, RC, you just weren't a very interesting kid. Except for the time you ate that outboard motor.

However, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good wishes and your inability to put them into action.