Friday, February 02, 2007

And today, in Groundhog news...

Paws up for spring, groundhogs predict

CBC, Feb 02, 2007 13:26:41 GMT

Three out of three groundhogs polled report that spring will come early this year.

The full CBC story.

Groundhog gender barrier

Does Woody, a female prognosticating groundhog, have an advantage over her male collegues[sic]?

The full Yahoo story.

And here, in the Okanagan, it's 6:49 a.m., and this groundhog is up, and even if the sun were out, we'd find it's currently mostly cloudy -- so no shadow here.

So all raise your coffee cups and toast an early spring! Oh, and later, when you've got a beer in hand, send some good cheer my way, as I celebrate the end to my 30s (39 today, tomorrow I start my 40th year...)



Metro said...

Groundhogs are clearly aware of the reality of global warming.

Which makes them smarter than at least two world leaders.

Wireton Willie for PM!

PJ said...

Happy birthday, Lori! Did YOU see your shadow?

Eight years later I still laugh about Wiarton Willie... in 1999 he was found deceased, 2 days before the Big Day. So they brought him out in a coffin, dressed in a tuxedo with coins over his eyes and a carrot between his paws.

Love the article you linked to -- "Female groundhogs have a whole lot more responsibility," he said, "including motherhood. What do male groundhogs do? They mate... and then they get hit by cars."

Lori said...

I did not see my shadow.


raincoaster said...

Happy birthday. And do NOT get me started on Wiarton Willie. I lived in Wiarton, but I managed to escape. The current Wiarton Willie was purchased from a farmer in, I believe, Minnesota. He's an imposter. Wiarton is such a shithole it doesn't even deserve a famous groundhog: they drowned the last one a couple of years ago, hence the American hog.

Lori said...

Oh, I knew we knew someone from Wiarton. Okay, we won't ask...


michaelpanda said...


thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by! I really enjoyed the pictures you took from your adventures in Paris.

I saw that you said you really liked old churches and cathedrals, so I specifically put up a bunch of night shots of the gorgeous and imposing Westminster Abby from my trip to London on the most recent blog entry.

It should be at the top of the current blog page or else here's the direct link:

let me know if you want the full sized images of any of those and i'd be happy to mail them to you!

Oh and your blog is very entertaining. I laughed at the story you just linked regarding female groundhogs having better intuition.

"What do male groundhogs do? They mate..... and then they get hit by cars."

Hee hee!

michaelpanda said...

dang, i just saw that the last part of my comment above is almost exactly what PJ wrote above that!

+laughs+ guess great minds really do think alike ;)

Lori said...

That's okay, M. Panda. What's funny is funny.

And you've got a great photographic eye. I'll be getting deeper into your archives soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you were THAT old!
Happy belated!