Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pilling the Cat -- Revisited

Now that I no longer have to pill my she-demon, I find a very good blog entry (with pictures!) with what seems to be a very good method. I'm sure it would work. Thank you All Tips & Tricks!

Cross my fingers that I won't need the info.



raincoaster said...

That's more or less what I've done, barring the "tilt head back" part. If you jam your finger in between their back teeth they really can't do you any damage anyway. And I wouldn't throw the pill; stick it On the tongue as far back as you can reach, and the cat's reflex will swallow it. Throwing it, you risk it going down the trachea instead.

So I take it Nabi is better? Good.

Metro said...

Good for those of us who now won't have to demonstrate our cat-wrasslin' skills, certainly ...

RCan'ta iimaginen cwhoo athats tcoulde rpossibly be.

raincoaster said...

I fully intend to rassle your cat. Probably while you're in the kitchen, standing on a chair, calling the police because you saw a fox outside.

Lori said...

Foxes we haven't seen yet. But sarcasm I have...


Metro said...

Actually I'm quite partial to foxes. I'm not even adverse to cougars. Isn't that nice for you?

I hear you talking but I'm not seeing anything happening. You've been threatening to medicate the cats for months now and what have you actually done, hmm?

The black cat has lately started pissing in corners again, so perhaps you'll get your chance to back up your brags.

Don't fret, we'll keep a supply of linament handy.

azahar said...

I was once told the best way was to slather the pill in butter and push it far back into the mouth - the slippery factor means the cat has no option but to swallow. A pill can stick and then they just gag it back out again.

I've got to give Sunny a pill and a half a day for awhile ... luckily he's a dog. Put pill in food. No problem. I posted that old chestnut 'how to pill a cat' thingy on my blog this morning, thinking about this.

Tomorrow we're putting the quilted waterproof covers on the bed and sofa bed and will start experimenting with letting the boys fight it out on their own now that the soft furnishings are now pee-protected, also hoping the tranqs will make Sunny less aggressive.

How about getting that lion-piss spray for your corners? Apparently it works for keeping cats out of gardens.