Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow! I'm floored.

Periodically over the last 12 years, I would do a bit of a phone book, Internet search for a friend I'd lost touch with. A great friend -- a drinking & travel partner, a confidante, a dance partner, a fellow adventurer, ready to go at a moment's notice ...everything you need in a friend, really.

Two weeks ago, when 'Samson' got in touch with me, I went all nostalgic. Actually forced a girlfriend to look at pictures of my two years in the Big Smoke...albums which were also full of this other friend as well. I've been thinking of him again.

So I looked online again.

And I found him tonight. Or else, he found me.

I'm feeling really pumped. Memories of our trip to Niagara Falls. Our flirtations (with the same guys sometimes!), our rather momentous bouts of 20-something drinking, our first-time karaoke...

The internet is a scary thing. (Or is it Facebook?)



raincoaster said...

You can find anyone. It's not so much Big Brother as Little Brother now.

Lori said...

So, like who should I be looking up now??

mad said...

Not only can you find people, you can get a map to their house and probably a satellite photo of them sunbathing (or whatever) in their back yard.

raincoaster said...

The teachers who were mean to you. Then dance on their graves.

Just don't look up "the perfect boy" from high school, unless you want to shatter your dreams. One of mine went to prison for, I think, tax fraud, and the other became a Florida realtor. Dunno which is worse

Lori said...

Oh, no 'perfect boys from high school' -- I went to my 20 year reunion. I know where they are, and what they look like now. And high school was horrific for me.

And the whole map & satellite photo thing -- scary. Really, my philosophy now on the 'net is say nothing you wouldn't say in person to someone. (Even Ginger.)

PJ said...

True, Lori. People in their early 20s are finding out that every ill-considered thing they put on their MySpace page is actually permanent, and some are finding that it interferes with getting hired. There's a great ad on TV called "Think before you post".