Friday, June 15, 2007

SHH! Don't tell him!

If you've been in M. et Mme Metro domicile in the last couple of years, you would have heard the following:

He (a propos of what-have-you): "That sounds a lot like Dr. Seuss." (pronounced 'soyce')

She: "Please! It's Seuss!" (pronounced 'soos')

I tell you, do not visit 301 Useless Facts, and above all else, do not look at #38!




alejna said...

I'm going to pretend I never clicked that link, and never saw #38. In fact, I'm quite sure it doesn't exist.

Lori said...


Metro said...


azahar said...

Yes but, at the bottom of the list it says...

"Now that you have gone through the list it is up to you to figure out which facts are true and which facts are false."

#38 is definitely false. I've always pronounced it (and heard it pronounced) like "Zeus".

"Soyce" indeed. Pah.

azahar said...

Hmmm...turns out we're both wrong, Metro.

Dr Seuss

It turns out the German pronunciation is "zoice" (not "soyce") and the typical English pronunciation rhymes with juice with an "s" sound at the beginning.

Lori wins!

Lori said...

Brilliant! Thanks, Az.

'Cause of course, Wikipedia is the only true information source! (Uh, okay, maybe not...but at least it's another source on the side of what is right and good and true!)

PJ said...

Erm, my German-speaking EX-husband says it's Soyce. And actually Schröeder is pronounced Shrayder. But it's one of those accepted mispronunciations.

raincoaster said...

But, how was it pronounced where he actually LIVED? Because I think he lived in LA.

azahar said...

Did you know ...
That Ted preferred the Germanic pronunciation of Seuss, which sounds like “zoice”?

Hear it pronounced Lori's way.

He pronounces it Soice

"Dr Zoice"

Apparently no "Zeus" ... dang.