Sunday, September 09, 2007

So, up until today, I thought I wasn't too terribly hooked into the Internet. You know how it is, you check out some videos here and there, and show them to your friends who are a little less net-savvy than you...but you just know that you're missin' stuff.

But here's a video that sort of scared me -- I got almost all of the references! Gads.

Lifted from Nag, who stole it from OpticalPoptitude, who took it from the source -- test yourself:



azahar said...

Dang! I left a comment here yesterday and previewed instead of publishing and now I can't remember what I said. I think I did the same thing at Metro's because one of my comments didn't show up over there. Oh why can't everyone use Wordpress???

alejna said...

I think I got less than half the references, but I was fascinated.

I guess it could be a kind of quest to learn them all. But perhaps it will be for someone else.

raincoaster said...

Yep, I got them all. Hell, I've BLOGGED them all.

PS just got a new paid blogging gig: I read gossip blogs and do link roundups. It's a tough life, eh? But it'll keep me in gin.

PJ said...

Love it. It's kind of JibJab-y.

Lori said...

'can't remember what you said'? could it be senility? :p

are you sure you're reading raincoaster on a regular basis?!?

yeah, yeah. We know. You are the queen of blogs (and now getting paid to do it too! tres cool).

glad you liked it. sort of miss not having time to drink coffee in the middle of the day with you...but I'm thrilled to be gainfully employed. You? :-)

alejna said...

are you sure you're reading raincoaster on a regular basis?!?"

Yes, but clearly not for long enough for a full education. And her archives are dauntingly large.