Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Wonders of Nature

[Warning: Not absurd.]

My mother sent me an email with the dreaded FW: in the subject line...She doesn't do it often, but yes, she sometimes sends 'forward this to all your friends' type stuff. So I opened it a little trepidationsly (is that a word?), only to discover something truly wonderful.

"Oh, no!" I hear you say, "Those poor huskies are soon-to-be dinner!" But as the speaker says in this presentation of photos, pay attention to the dog's mouth (no fangs), and the bear's ears & fur (still all normal-like)...and then follow the link to see the photos of husky owner and photographer Norbert Rosing. You'll truly be amazed.

Return soon for your (not quite so) regular dose of absurdity.



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azahar said...

Oh, and besides just tagging you, I also thought this was very cool.

I used to live just south of Churchill ... brrrr!

archie FCD said...

How utterly amazing!

I'm going to FW it on to my blog sometime soon :)

Anonymous said...
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