Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fave Words: "Engastration"

Years ago, as a teen, I discovered everyone's favourite odd word: defenestration (to throw someone out a window). I soon discovered engastration (a cooking term, to stuff one bird inside another). Raincoaster, over at her Teeny Manolo gig, has served up a lovely video on the subject, just in time for the holidays:

Note the overwhelming use of Emeril's Essence (a spice concoction with a very eerie name...)

She also mentions in this post, the fine Middle Eastern engastration extravaganza of stuffed camel.




raincoaster said...

Emeril's Essence: is that made by the same people who produce baby oil?

Lori said...


Exactly! I mean, who names this stuff anyway?

Lydia said...

Double ew! Or is that just w? Defenestration reminds me of a joke: the Geneticist to first clone a human could find no volunteers so he cloned himself. After his efforts were successful he was asked to address a conference. As soon as he starts to speak the clone starts swearing. He was so frustrated he pushed him out the window! Alas, he was dead, so the police charged him with making an obscene clone fall. Raspberries all around!

Lori said...

Oh, Lydia!!



Glinda said...

You've been entered into the contest, thanks for the link!