Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoughts for the Day

Over at casa az today, she is contemplating a very real thought for the day. (Go on over, give her the linkie love, then c'mon back here for my addition to such absurdities of modern life.)

Ahem! Still here?
Seriously, go there, and come back. It's easier for you to do that than it is for me to copy the picture, paste it into Paint and save it, then upload it. (And if any of you can tell me why "Save image as..." no longer seems to work for me, I'll give you a big wet sloppy kiss!)

* * * * *

Okay, now that you're back...

Last night, I was perusing the lovely little catalogue from UNICEF's Gifts of Magic campaign...from the comfort of my living room, drinking hot chocolate, wearing fuzzy socks, and my well-fed stomach happily digesting, planning how I am going to help ensure that little babies in refugee camps get high energy biscuits:
Or families get water kits for safe drinking water. Or a community of children get enough pencils to get a bare minimum of education.

I think I'll forgo the nifty little certificates, let them put a bit more of the money towards the projects.



azahar said...

Very nice idea. Though I thought you'd want to know that the UNICEF link isn't working (or it isn't for me).

Lori said...

Thanks for pointing that out, az. Fixed now.

(isn't that the cutest baby pic ever??)

azahar said...

Yep, that's pretty adorable alright.

USpace said...

Lol, super cute baby! Googling ‘absurd thoughts’ I came upon this interesting bit of absurdity. Well done, good points and food for thought! I'm going to buy some more metal spoons, thanks!

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