Saturday, January 05, 2008

Absurd in so many ways...

I feel like I'm stealing some of Metro's thunder, this is more his kind of topic, but I surfed over to the Nag, and she's featuring a great Rick Mercer video today -- how can I resist Rick Mercer?

The ZENN car -- "ZENN" stands for Zero Emission No Noise. I want this car -- and I can buy it, 'cause it's legal in British Columbia (wanna come visit, Nag? Drive mine when I get it?)

The absurdity is the fact that no one in Canada has heard of them. There's not a push on to immediately make them road legal in all Provinces, like NOW. Using one of these would reduce each person's carbon footprint by 6 tons annually.

I want one for my birthday!



alejna said...

That is so damn cool! (The car, I mean, not the fact that they aren't legal in most of Canada.)

Sadly, I don't think one of them would fit our rural lifestyle.

The Nag said...

There's a federal election on the horizon. So-called environment champion and Quebecois,Stephane Dion , should be pushing the ZENN car big time. But not a peep. What gives? And yes I'd like to drive yours. email me when it's in your driveway and I'll be there although my flight to BC will leave a pretty egregious carbon footprint.

Lori said...

No, not many outlets in a field...too bad! :p But seriously, this is the R&D that should be pushed/funded, so that one day, yes, an electric car is what we'll use to drive across Canada!

Metro won't get me one...but only because of the money, he really wants one too. But you're still welcome to come out and visit any time!

Metro said...

Metro, let it be known, is planning to build one of these... Just as soon as he gets his '61 Nash back together, honestly.