Friday, December 28, 2007

Highlights of 2007

So, what are your highlights of this grand year? Or maybe it was the low points...In any case, why not share with everyone in the comments, and we can either celebrate or commiserate with you!

My highlights?
  1. The Rotary Okangan International Children's Festival.
  2. My new job with Service Canada.
  3. My continued relationship with Metro.
It's early and I have to get my act together to walk to work. I'll probably add more in the comments!



mad said...

Funny, but I've already kind of forgotten 2007. I guess the highlight would be not getting laid off.

Lori said...

See? That's a positive!!


PJ said...

I had the opportunity to put all those interior-design, home-staging-to-sell TV shows to good use when I staged our house for sale in the spring. Fun! ...Started a new job, more fun. Like you, I really enjoy the new job. ...Got out of debt.

Anonymous said...

Well, I went to Barcelona and Lisbon. Also finally to Gibraltar (and M&S to get knickers!). I'll think about this a bit more and get back to you...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I took this idea and used it to make up a 2007 month by month recap email to send out to people I hadn't been in touch with for, well, about a year or so. You know how the longer you leave corresponding with someone the harder it is to pick it up again? Mostly, in my case, because I can never remember where we left off.

So this kind of filled people in and I've got a few very nice replies so far.

Lori said...

Getting back in touch with people is always tough. On our part, we didn't get our 'festive season' card & letter out. It's too late now. I'll use my already stamped envelopes this coming December... ((embarrassed grin))