Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Absurd = Pointless Death

What?!? Heath Ledger is dead?

Actors are like the rest of us...they're supposed to live long lives, maybe in obscurity, then pop back into the news, and our hearts, when they die. They're supposed to inspire eulogies of long careers, family lives, community service...not die suddenly in their 20s, mid-career, mid-movie, leaving us all reeling in shock.

You'll be missed, deep man.



Norlinda said...

I let out a big "What!" when I found out. It's always tragic when a talented person dies before his time, but it's even more tragic when the media turns the whole event into a circus. It bugs me that fluffy infotainment shows like Entertainment Tonight turn Ledger's funeral arrangements into a newsworthy story.

Anonymous said...

As I was saying to you the other day, other than Brokeback Mountain, I'm not familiar with anything else this person has starred in.

But it does always come as a sad shock to read "so-and-so dead" followed by a much too young age.

Lori said...

It's almost time to update John Donne's line "Every man's death diminishes me" to something a bit more modern..."Every man's death is a chance for ratings."

Well, if you like sports films, watch a Knight's Tale. Pure fun. Thwarted romance? Brokeback Mountain. I hadn't seen any of his other stuff.

Young death is tragic. At least his isn't steeped in tragic irony as well, like Brendan Lee accidentally killed during the filming of the Crow...