Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We meet again...

The Nag and I both have a certain je ne sais quoi for Paris...I know this because that's where we met. Or more specifically, on a train to Chartres from Paris.

Funny that we both have pictures trolled from our flickr sites for the Schmap guide to Paris. (Here's her post.) Mine is of le Père Lachaise cemetery:

I have blogged about this cemetery in the past...the best ever virtual tour is of this enormous city of the dead -- check it out!

Next time we go to Paris, Nag, we should travel together. Maybe even leave our men behind!




The Nag said...

I'm leaving right now. We'll meet at the Lapin Agile and then take a stroll through Pere Lachaise.

Lori said...

Stop and say 'hi' to Heloise and Abelard while we're there, and Balzac, and Jim Morrison. Then a lovely lunch with un pichet de vin (or deux), and then off to a lovely museum.

Was talking to someone yesterday who was all "ooo-ooo" about taking pictures in Pigalle, of the Museum of Erotic Art. I turned to her and said, "It's really a great museum, I've been there twice," thinking to myself "you grade school twit!" (She's really a very professional woman, this was just such a narrow-minded surprise!)

So wait for me next time you plan a trip to our City of Lights.

Metro said...

"Maybe even leave our men behind."

Yeah, I could go for that. Mr. Nag and I playing poker, watching hockey and drinking beer ...

This might turn out to be a great idea!

mad said...

Speaking of Paris, got any recommendations on where to stay?

Lori said...

Where to stay in Paris -- a complicated question. When are you going? How long are you staying? How exciting! :-)

"Where?" as in which arrondisment (district) is an easy one. The beautiful thing about Paris is the metro (subway) -- it's easy to use and goes everywhere. But even better is the fact that with a bit of energy, all the key sites/sights are in walking distance from each other (with pauses at a café here and there for a glass of beer or wine, a cup of coffee and a sandwich), so stay in one of the first 6 arrondisment (the core of historical Paris).

"Where?" as in which hotel is almost as easy. The standards are quite rigid, and a 2 star hotel is just fine for most travelers (rooms are small but clean).

Nag? Your favourite? Metro and I stayed in an apartment in Paris. We used MY Apartment in Paris, and friends of our used AN Apartment in Paris. Good results on both. It was really nice to be in an apartment next to the Seine, across from the Louvre...and go home for lunch. (Also check out my March 06 and April 06 archives for some Paris posts. And, I have a Paris travel guide at Gusto.com you can check out, for our favourite bar, if nothing else!!)

mad said...

Lori: Thanks for the great tips! We're going at the end of April for two weeks. Hopefully the Euro will have fallen faster than the dollar. Heh. I'll check out all those sites you recommendend.