Sunday, October 19, 2008

Iconic Films

Ah, another movie post. Hope no one minds!

Over the long weekend, we had Metro's Mum and Dad visiting -- for the most part, a classic in-law visit: dinner out at the local delicious Greek restaurant, a day trip to see some wineries, huge turkey dinner...and Metro took his Dad out one night for a poker game, leaving Mum and me to our own devices.

We watched a movie -- her choice: Thelma and Louise (1991). She said she was tired of always pretending to have seen it, because it was so iconic.

Is that the definition of an iconic film? It works for me.

Last night, I saw another iconic film for the first time: The Warriors (1979) -- a film so ingrained in movie culture that I feel like I'd already seen it. (The 70s version of 300...)

Off the top of my head, I'd say the most iconic film of the current generation, if we use the definition above ("Oh, right! Yeah...that film!") is Mike Judge's Office Space (1999).

Here's some proof:

And if you've heard people talk about a "TPS report," wondered why red Swingline staplers are so freakin' popular now, or had someone ask you if you have a 'case of the Mondays', and you just don't get it, go out and watch this film:

So, what other iconic films are out there that we all need to see to fully function in today's society?


Metro said...

Um ...

Well until recently I'd always have included the Star Wars Trilogy (the real one, the one from 1978-1988 or so, before Lucas' brain died and was replaced with Michael Eisner's).

Likewise the first two Mad Max films.

But it seems loads of people have managed to become so-called functioning adults without ever clapping their peepers on 'em.

Is "It's a Wonderful Life" iconic? 'Cos I've never seen it.

poons said...

Bladerunner is a very clever movie. Especially this scene

the 'tears in the rain' bit was adlibbed. Shame it misses out the other classic quote "Too bad she won't live, but then who does"

loving the blog as always

Lori said...

Poons, obviously, you don't love my blog enough...otherwise you'd have seen my 7th ever post that refers to that very best scene in my favouritest movie of all time...

...but I'll forgive you for not reading my archives, 'cause you come back!

And Metro -- yes, you need to see It's a Wonderful Life. We'll find it one of these days...