Monday, December 22, 2008

What's Your Story?

I ask the question when I meet people...usually when I'm tired of the more normal "So, what do you do?"

Gads. I hate that question.

But, guilty as charged. I will ask it at networking functions, etc., mostly because I want to know. I would prefer to ask "So, where do you fit in the Space/Time Continuum?" but that nets me weird looks.

The time comes though, when I feel like daring someone to really tell me something interesting. So, I'll ask "What's your story?"

Most people just take it as a new way of answering the what-do-you-do question. They look a bit confused, then they tell me they work here, do that, what-have-you.

Not this guy. UncleWeed was introduced to me by Raincoaster at a DTES event. I had no connections at this thing, so I was not in networking mode. I wanted amusement, but wasn't expecting it here.

Until I asked UncleWeed the question. I suddenly, and for the first time since I started asking the question 10+ years ago, got a story. And for your enjoyment, you too can listen to the story on his latest podcast: the Taos Hi-Jacking Incident. (If you're feeling impatient, jump to around 8 min 30 sec for his reaction to my question, the story truly starts at around 15 min 30 sec.)

He understates how excited I was at the gift of the story...the unexpected, fantastic glory of being taken literally. Seriously though, doesn't everyone have at least one great story?? What's yours?

Happy Holidays,



PJ said...

I've always disliked that "what do you do" question because it implies that you're being judged and pigeonholed on the basis of just your job. I know a very interesting guy who happens to work as a school janitor.

I've always been tempted to say I'm a professional gambler for the Mob.

Lori said...

Exactly! Which is why I try to find alternatives. And yes, most people take "what's your story?" to mean "what do you do?" which is fine...I just don't want to be the one who pigeonholes them.

In the end, what I'm looking for is HOW they describe themselves...does she define herself by her job? does he love his work?

How 'bout 'professional skydiver'? :-)

Metro said...

My story?

Should I tell you about how I met this chick at the Sheraton and ended up marrying her? It's my best one.

Lori said...

Naw...don't tell that story. Chick sounds like a raging slag anyway!