Saturday, January 02, 2010

Little Known Facts about Canada

When I taught ESL, if we got on the topic of the geography of Canada, I used to love telling them my favourite bit of info: that France is one of our closest neighbours.

Voilà! Saint-Pierre and Miquelon:

I've never been there. Have any of my Canadian readers? (Went to the official website, and it seems they require a passport to visit.)

So, last month, I was at a Rita MacNeil concert with my mom and her friend, a very funny sweet man with strawberry blond hair...born in an Icelandic enclave in Canada. Who knew that a New Iceland Colony existed on the shores of Lake Winnipeg? I didn't, and I thought I knew quite a bit about my country.

Has anyone else been surprised by this kind of tidbit? Tell me about it!



raincoaster said...

St Pierre and Miquelon were hugely important in bootlegging and rumrunning back in the good old days. Eastern Canadians would export booze "to France" and boats leaving the islands would invariably have paperwork stating they were headed for Canada with the cargo.

Anonymous said...

I did know this. But then, I was born in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my comment disappeared!

Lori said...

Why does your angle on this not surprise me?

Sorry dear. I need to turn off the comment moderation, 'cause I wasn't checking...that's why it didn't appear.

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