Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suicide - an absurd death of potential

Today is a sad day for my sister's family... a long-time friend is being buried today. He was my nephew's first camp counselor, was close to all three of my nephews, and had been involved with their church community for years. He took his life last week -- he was 26.

A month or so before, the brother of my other nephew's girlfriend also committed suicide. This nephew is 15 and is now having to deal with two unexplained deaths in almost the same number of months.

The worst pain for those left behind must be "Why didn't I see?" The 15-year-old above is, his mother tells me, obsessively reading the texts he received from the young man hours before he took his life. This makes my heart will my nephew(s) recover from this?

I'm sure they will.

Or will they? I think part of the problem is that we, the people around a potential suicide, don't believe it can happen in our worlds. Suicide is so distant from our own thoughts, how can it be present in someone close to us?

At work, we have a philosophy: "Err on the side of the client." Or in the case of suicide, if you think someone might be considering it, better to assume the potential is real than to assume it couldn't possibly happen.

Dealing with their own loss, our beloved Chekov, Walter Koenig, and his wife send out a similar appeal to those with depression or depressed family members (via Raincoaster):

Thank you for sharing.

And if you've landed here after searching 'suicide'...please listen to one more person say "Seriously, it will get better."


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