Sunday, October 16, 2005

"Being Weird Isn't Enough"

When I was in university, I wore this button (or at least the version from the late 80s):

And boy, was I proud of myself! I figured I needed to advertise that I was different, odd, unusual...but, at the same time, claiming that I was more than just the average early-20s iconoclast.

But I've discovered that the lapel button is not necessary -- people will talk the "I'm weirder/wonderfuller/worthier than thou" talk without the pin. It doesn't matter their shtick, they'll talk it.

They. The people whose conversation I listen to for a bit, then get tired of. "Show me you're walking the walk," I want to say to them.

Maybe I'll change my own ways before someone says it to me.



a h m a d said...

I like this button, where can I buy one for myself. :)

Metro said...

In high school (where I, oddly enough, never got high) I discovered a cache of ancient '60s paper stickers designed to cover buttons. They had on them messages such as "Ignore this button, by order" and "Beware of Greeks bearing Trojans".

Then I realised that I needed a button to advertise my uniqueness in the same way that a cow needs calculus.

This, I suspect, is the beginning of true maturity.