Friday, January 05, 2007

But cats are supposed to be stress-free pets!!!

Well, Nabi's problem is medical. I can't believe that I'm (almost) glad my beautiful kitty has a health problem -- but then, it's cured with special food and, right now, some antibiotics. A behavioural problem is another matter altogether (check out azahar's cat fight head/heartache), so I'm somewhat thankful (touch wood!)

And this morning, getting the antibiotics down her gullet wasn't that difficult. The only question is, will she let me do it again?!?

Also via azahar:
Thought cat owners out there would appreciate that.



azahar said...

Anti-biotics crushed into a teaspoon of smelly tinned sardines go down a treat over at casa az.

Heck, even the cats like them... ;)

Lori said...

Antibiotics in liquid form in her favourite tuna didn't go down at all. So, syringe to the back of the throat went just fine this morning.

Will she be as easy to catch tonight?

azahar said...

I've actually found it waaayyyyy easier to inject them. Catch them napping, lift that triangle of skin just behind the neck (between the shoulder blades), jab in the needle and give it a bit of a rub afterwards. Most of the time they don't even notice it's been done.

My cat Sunny (who is actually a dog) snarfles down any sort of food no matter what it's been spiked with. But weirdo uber-cat Azar can sniff out antibiotics in his food at ten paces ... meanwhile he doesn't even notice the injections. Go figure.

Lori said...

I surprised Nabi this evening, had the medicine down her before she could barely lift a paw.


raincoaster said...

That's the way to do it; they don't get any bad associations when it's so fast and clean. What's worst is when you stare at them guiltily for ages, and just as they're getting totally freaked out you make an inept grab for them, managing to hurt them in the process. Those cats never recover.

Mind you, when she starts giving you the evil eye you'll know she's feeling better.

Lori said...

Nabi has more of a baleful glare than an evil eye.