Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Cornucopia of Cats

Because of my recent focus on my kitties, and their health, I've received lots of new cat-related email lately.

So, thanks to Nag, this very disturbing video:

Yes, advantages exist, but...I get spine-tingling chills at this.

From Creatrix, and incidentally, from Japan as well (via Dark Roasted Blend), comes this adorable cuteness -- again with that disturbing element.

So, what are you supposed to do with these? Duh, isn't it obvious?

Look adorable.

Shake hands with someone as wacky as you.(for more, check out Akihabara News)

And I wasn't going to blog today.

Enough with the cats! (I promise)



raincoaster said...

Yeah, yeah. And the "personal massagers" you see advertised are for stress relief. Those are for furry anime pervs with STDs and you know it.

PJ said...

I want one. I want a cat, but hubby threatens to let it out of the house to get fleas and get attacked by dogs and run over by a truck. At last, the only cat he wouldn't put out.

raincoaster said...

You know what? A lot of those Asian cat and dog statues are covered in cat and dog fur. Sweet. Always ask what kind of fur it is before you buy something, cuz it used to be rabbit, but now cat is cheaper. That cat robot looks creepily cat-furred to me.