Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Murphy Trap Springs (Again!)

I'm sure I've explained my use of the Murphy Trap before...But since I don't feel like looking it up, I'll do so again.

We all know Murphy's Law, right? Well, instead of trying to avoid it, why not turn it on itself, and make it work for you?

We've all done it, in small ways. You're waiting for a phone call, so you take a shower...The bus is taking forever, so you start walking to the next stop...

I believe you can apply this powerful force to your career search. And I've done it, rather successfully in the past, and seemingly, in the present.

Right now, Metro and I are a little behind the 8-ball, financially. So, last night, I made a vow to contact this call centre here in town, get a 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. job there, so that I could still have part of my afternoons to network and be available for projects.

I had gotten my brain wrapped around that eventuality, and was ready to go. Then, I got the call. One of my networking seedlings has born fruit. I'm meeting the director of the local Children's Festival for coffee on Friday morning.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood...whatever works best for you!



raincoaster said...

*knocks on skull*
*crosses everything but reserves the right to uncross legs should Kevin Sorbo, George Stephanopoulos, or that guy from Little Mosque on the Prairie walk by*

That should work.

It was totally inevitable that one of your contacts would pay off. You're too good to go undiscovered.

Lori said...


Thanks, RC.

Anonymous said...

I agree with raincoaster. And your Murphy Trap worked... and that guy on Little Mosque is totally gorgeous.

Lori said...

Which guy? I was just looking at the website...there's one guy who could be labelled "cute", but not gorgeous.

As my dad would have said, 'your taste is all in your mouth' (but that's got other implications here...)

Anonymous said...

You'all are probably referring to this beautiful dude:

Does like everyone have an IMDB profile now?

Despite the hype surrounding the show, I'm still waiting for it to be funny.

Good luck Lori.


PJ said...

Yes! Norlinda, that's him. Zaib Shaikh, who plays Amaar. Whuf. ((fans self with TV listings))

I'm taping the show for a friend in Arkansas who is excited about seeing it.

Lori said...

He's cute, but not that hot. Good grief, girls! Give me a man that smolders, not some (albeit) adorable guy-next-door!