Monday, October 22, 2007

Things to Avoid:

(Courtesy of Too Much Coffee Man.)

I remember one day as a child, We'd picked my grandfather up at the airport, and I was cuddled up between Dad and my sister in the front seat...Mom and Grandpa (her dad), talked non-stop in the front seat, catching up on all the family news.

Grandpa said, "Oh, So-and-so died, by the way."

"Oh," said my mom, "She had such a hard life!"

Warm and half asleep, at 8 years old, I made a vow right then and there -- no one would ever be full of such awful pity for me!

It's mostly in the moments, and how you live them.

Have a great day tomorrow,



raincoaster said...

TMCM is teh shizznit.

michaelm said...

Phucking classic.
Java rules!

a h m a d said...

This reminds me of the question, why do I/we exist? (Thanks for not pointing me to religious literature.)

Then the answer comes, "to blog". :P

Lori said...

"Why do I exist?" Exactly! I'm sure the difference is in 'doing work' and 'working' -- spending your days doing something that is meaningful to you vs. doing something that is meaningful to your employer. If it can be both, you're flying!